Waunarlwydd, Swansea

Month: September 2018

Harvest 2018 pictures

All the food that was kindly donated was given to Matt’s Cafe on High St, this will go to help feed the homeless of Swansea. Arrangement flowers done by Elizabeth Timothy.

Graveyard Book to 1989

Note: to find each section, stand in the graveyard with your back to the chapel and looking down the path towards the railway line, section A is on the left against the wall, Farmers Arms side; sections B and C are in front of A to the path; sections D, E, F are on the right hand side of the path (Vestry side). Each grave in each section is then numbered from the chapel to the end of the graveyard.

rhestr = list
coyfrif o’n beddau yn mynwent sardis = count of graves in Sardis cemetery
rhif = number
enw = name
nifer yn y bedd = number in the grave
dienw = anonymous / unnamed


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