Hymns #277

“Till He come !” Oh, let the words
Linger on the trembling chords ;
Let the ” little while ” between

In their golden light be seen :
Let us think how heaven and home
Lie beyond that “Till He come !”

2) When the weary ones we love
Enter on their rest above —
Seems the earth so poor and vast ? —

All our life-joy overcast ?
Hush ! be every murmur dumb :
It is only “Till He come I”

3) Clouds and conflicts round us press ;
Would we have one sorrow less ?
All the sharpness of the cross,

All that tells the world is loss —
Death, and darkness, and the tomb —
Only whisper “Till He come !”

4) See, the feast of love is spread,
Drink the wine and break the bread —
Sweet memorials — till the Lord

Call us round His heavenly board ;
Some from earth, from glory some,
Severed only “Till He come !”