Follow these steps to register:

  1. Click on this link », which will open in a new window, so you don’t lose these details.
  2. Enter your username, email address & answer the simple maths question, then click register, this will send you an email.
  3.  Check your email’s Inbox, if nothing appears, then check your spam folder, you should see an email titled “[Sardis Chapel] Password Reset” from WordPress. If you don’t, then contact us and we will look in to it for you.
  4. In the email, you will see a link to the Sardis Chapel site, you need to click on this.
  5. Enter a new password, clear down the one that’s there, its too complicated to remember, then click Reset Password
  6. Now enter your username or email address, followed by your new password and then Log In.
  7. You will now be taken through to a “Dashboard” screen, which is the administration area of the site.

Best of luck!